IP Choice 

License: Sankalp Semiconductor offers a large portfolio of Digital cores, Analog and Mixed Signal PHY, and IO libraries. The silicon proven IPs are targeted for variety of domains like Graphics, Wireless, Wireline & Consumer applications.

  • High Speed Interfaces
  • IO

Create:  IP ChoiceTM enables co-development; this facilitates a total low cost of ownership for IPs that are imperative though with limited reuse. We take customer concepts from concept to GDSII and silicon qualification.

 Customize:  IP ChoiceTM offers customers with flexibility to migrate and port to different technologies and process nodes. We assist customers migrate their IP Catalog from their current technology to both volume and cutting edge process geometries ranging from 180nm Bulk CMOS to FinFET & FD-SOI.

 Maintain: IP ChoiceTM helps customers maintain their standard based IPs. With evolving standards the customers can have their foundation IPs updated to the latest and greatest specification.


Unique Customer Advantages

Multiple IP blocks designed for various customers like Regulators, POR, BGR, Temp Sensors, PLL, DLL, Oscillator, ADC, DAC, Low pass filters, Audio Class D Amplifier, Generic IPs (Comparators, Amp, Switches)