ASIC/FPGA Design Services

Sankalp’s ASIC/FPGA capabilities provide end-to-end services for silicon realization. The team offers its customer the ability to engage at any stage of the semiconductor process from ASIC design, verification, and physical design to all the way to post silicon validation.

Sankalp has enabled multiple customers for variants targeted as

  • New designs
  • Die-size reduction
  • Cost-reduction
  • Feature enhancement

Unique Customer Advantage

  • Integration of multiple digital blocks in Analog Top
  • Turnkey SoC development using ARM cores
  • Experience on working with Altera, Xilinx and Microsemi FPGAs
  • Post-Silicon and Characterization services
  • Low power design methodology
  • Technology experience 180/130/90/65/45/40/32/28/14nm