Custom Layout

Design Flow

Layout Design Flow

  • Once any change is done at any stage, review and sign off gates going to next stage of the flow
  • Unless a signoff is done by relevant approver the layout owner cannot move to next step
  • Reference documents and checklists are accessed for the layout flow tool
  • A robust QMS(Quality management system) is implemented
  • A web-based dashboard, to audit progress of project and QMS implementation
  • CAD and Automation Services
  • Central CAD team supports all business units for CAD related activities like, license management, EDA vendor support, infrastructure development etc
  • A team of 20+ engineers is active in addressing customer’s automation needs. Automation in custom-layout and related domains is the focus for this team
  • Need is supported through rotation and addition of resources

Layout Automation


  • The development of front end automation flows including automated RTL and SoC integration generation, automated SoC TB and testcase generation and automated generation of product engg sheets
  • The development of a comprehensive digital methodology and flow for mixed signal designs, with end user deployment and continuous updates which covers all ASIC development processes from RTL till GDSII and is based on the Cadence tool chain
  • The development of implementation methodology, flow automation and integration of front-end tools using the Synopsys tool chain