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Design Services Need Uber-izing

SANTA CLARA, Calif. —A wide swath of semiconductor design services companies are seeking their breakout moment. Samir Patel thinks that he has found one in the ability to customize standard products for an increasingly applications-centric chip market.

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Predictions: Manufacturing, Devices And Companies

Some predictions are just wishful thinking, but most of these are a lot more thoughtful. They project what needs to happen for various markets or products to become successful. Those far reaching predictions may not fully happen within 2018, but we give everyone the chance to note the progress made towards their predictions at the end of the year.

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FD-SOI State of the Union: There's Supply—Is There Demand?

I went to the annual SOI Silicon Valley Symposium recently. As last year, they had to close registration because the room was full. To see what I wrote last year, see FD-SOI: Is It Really a Thing? and like last year, that was the big question. It is like going to a presentation on EUV lithography. There is lots of interesting discussion on facets of technology, but what everyone wants to know is whether anyone is betting their company, or at least some major project, on the technology.

First, read the details, and then I'll give my perspective at the end.

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