System & Board Design

Sankalp has vast experience in building hardware for multiple areas including Characterization and Bench Automation, Board Design, PCB Layout and Automated Testing. We are currently working with 4 out of the top 10 semiconductor companies and are focused on providing solutions that add value to our clients. We are technologically focused with EDA tools from NI (LabVIEW), Cadence and Mentor. 

Key Offerings


Bench Characterization

Sankalp is engaged with multiple customers in the area of bench characterization and activities include 

  • Defining the characterization plans
  • Board design
  • Platform development
  • Data collection, debug and analysis

PCB Development

We have built an experienced and robust team for PCB Layout Development whose strengths include:

  • IPC certified layout engineers
  • Exposure to both Mentor as well as Cadence flow
  • More than 150 designs taped out
  • Flexibility to work from onsite as well as offshore model

HSL IP Characterization

Sankalp owns the characterization of HSL IPs including the test plans, automation and board design. The HSL IPs include DPHY, MPHY, HDMI etc. Our capabilities include:

  • The entire board design and guiding of the layout activity
  • Ensuring automation and accuracy
  • Characterization of the specified IP according to its functionality over all VT corners
  • Characterization of the jitter profile of the IP(Role of board & cablings being completed)
  • Providing silicon results as per the customer’s need

Other Activities


Customer Success Stories

  • System Design for IoT Energy Metering solution
  • Two Controller solution
  • Onboard Wi-Fi – 2.4Ghz b/g/n
  • Ethernet (in case of No Wi-Fi)
  • SD card Interface
  • RTC (Power backup)
  • 8 Digital Out interface expandable to 24 Lines
  • Configurable on the go form remote Cloud Server